When your own artwork is uploaded to our site for printing, we need to make sure that it is going to print correctly. This process is called "pre-flighting". The quality of your artwork determines the final cost, lead time and also the quality of the final product.

To help you through the process we offer three levels of artwork supply to help you enjoy the best quality product at a reasonable price and within the fastest lead time.
These levels of artwork supply are listed below.

For artwork to be "Press Ready" it should always be:

Unless you are experienced in prepress, we recommend you select the option "Check My File"

  • Supplied at the correct size
  • Supplied with correct internal and external bleed
  • Supplied in the correct colour mode (CMYK / Pantone / Greyscale / Black and White) depending on the product, we will display the colour mode.
  • Supplied with all fonts embedded or outlined (converted to curves)
  • Supplied with all borders a minimum of 3mm wide
  • Supplied in PDF format

For "Check my File" You will need to supply us with:

  • Your artwork
  • Your instructions typed in Microsoft word or similar.

Your instructions should include:

  • The program/version that your artwork was created in
  • What needs fixing in your artwork.  E.g. the size, bleed, RGB images, fonts, etc...
  • Or if you just require us to check over your supplied artwork

During the online ordering process you will be asked to upload the items above.  Before uploading, you may need to combine the items together in a .ZIP file. 

For "Create my file" You will need to supply us with:

  • All Text
  • All Images (for best results 300dpi at the required size)
  • All logos/complex graphics (resolution at least 300dpi)
  • An example of your existing design, or a design/theme that you like
  • A list of colours you like/require
  • A list of Windows fonts/font styles you like/require
  • The purpose of the printed material
  • A mock-up/sketch of what you require together with design/layout instructions

Before uploading, you may need to combine the items together in a .ZIP file.  

If you end up choosing "Print Ready" rather than "Check my file" or "Create my artwork" the final payment amount will not be accurate. This will be seen at our pre-flighting stage and your job will be placed on hold until we can contact you to arrange further funds to be invoiced and paid.

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